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Station Tour or Off-site Visit Request Form

The Eastern Knox County Joint Fire District is pleased to give tours of our Fire Stations or visit your local organization. We welcome the opportunity to help the community learn more about their Fire Department. Tours last approximately 20 minutes and include a close-up look at fire engines, squads, firefighting and medical equipment and the chance to talk with firefighters about their jobs.

To help schedule your visit and make it enjoyable, please review our Tour Criteria below. If a station tour is appropriate for your group, please provide us with the information requested below. Your tour day and time will be confirmed by an Officer of the department.

Please note: Fire stations are in service during tours. Due to unexpected, required emergency responses we cannot guarantee availability at the scheduled day and time of your tour or visit; tours or visits may be canceled without notice. In addition, if the fire crews need to respond during your visit, it will be necessary to end the tour and your group must exit immediately. Please keep this in mind while visiting.

Tour criteria:
  • Children must be at least four years old.
  • Tours or off-site visits are scheduled on weekdays.
  • Please submit your request at least 21 days in advance of your desired date.
  • Maximum total group size is 25 participants; one adult chaperone is required for every five children.
  • Tours and visits are scheduled for groups (rather than an individual).

Please provide us with the following information:

Today’s Date: ___________________________________________________________
Your Name: _____________________________________________________________
Organization: ____________________________________________________________
Email address: ___________________________________________________________
Phone numbers: Work:______________ Home: ______________ Cell: ______________
Dates and times
I request a:
(please check one)
Station tour
Visit to my Organization

Address: _________________________________
Number attending:
Age of Group:
Please provide us with any other information that will help make your group’s tour or visit enjoyable:
Please complete and mail form to: EKCJFD, PO Box 526 Danville, OH 43014
Thank You!
For Department use only:
Received by: _____________________ Date: _____________________
Forwarded to: ____________________ Date: _____________________


Complete form and mail it to:
Eastern Knox County Joint Fire District
Attn: Captain Chris Willis

PO Box 526
Danville, OH 43014

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