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Where Are You?

In an emergency every second counts!  Make sure your address numbers are clearly visible for the us to see.

Remember, whether you live in the city or country, you should identify your property clearly.

 Remember - If we can't find you, we can't help you!

EKCJFD offers to the public reflective address signs. The signs are on a green background with white reflective letters much like the ones you see on interstate highways. The signs when placed at the end of a driveway or on a mailbox help emergency responders tremendously when looking for an address. The signs are available to anyone wishing to have them.

The price of the signs are $12.00 each.

The signs can be aligned horizontally or vertically (like the one in the picture) and can have one to five numbers on the sign.


Purchasing Information:  The Eastern Knox County Joint Fire District currently sells reflective address signs at the both Station 1 and 2.  You may call 740-599-7381 to order a sign.   The signs can usually be picked up the same day.  If you'd like for us to install the sign for you, JUST ASK!


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