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After several fires in the 1930's, and a major fire on the square on July 20, 1935, this was a concern for fire safety in the village of Danville. The village council, in March 1938 established the Danville Volunteer Fire Department, with Dana Snow being the first Fire Chief.

During that year the village's first fire hydrants were installed, and a pumper was built in a garage in Danville, and was the mainstay of the department until 1949 when a pumper/tanker was constructed from a used gasoline truck. Ralph Mickley was the departments' second chief until 1942 when Dale Hammond became chief and held that position for 35 years. During Chief Hammond's reign, the department grew from one truck to fleet of seven pieces of fire equipment and two squads.

In 1971 Emergency Medical Services was started which now covered six townships, and two villages. In 1973, a second station was established in Howard, with the intention of serving the newly developed Apple Valley area. In 1978, as Dale retired from the position as chief, his son Mike Hammond continued in his footsteps as chief for 18 years in which, the department acquired an aerial ladder and state of the art heavy rescue truck with all essential equipment for rescue work, and established the BCD technical rescue team in 1992, comprised of Bladensburg, College Township, and Danville fire departments.

After Mike Hammond retired, Larry Stimpert became the Departments' fifth chief in 1996, to the present, in which the department has grown to a current fleet of sixteen pieces of fire equipment, adding an additional squad, putting the third squad at station two along with another engine. In 2000 the two Villages (Danville and Brinkhaven) and 6 townships (Brown, Jefferson, Howard, Union, Butler and Harrison) decided it would benefit the community by changing to a joint fire district. The Eastern Knox County Joint Fire District was formed in early 2001. The district ran with all volunteers until late 2003 when the district hired its first paid personnel. The district currently has paid staff at each station 24 hours a day; 365 days a year.

In 2003, the district replaced two aging medics and in 2005 they replaced an aging engine and ladder.

In 2006, the district purchased a new grass/utility truck along with replacing a tired/aging chiefs vehicle.

In 2007, the district purchased a new engine for Station 2.

In 2008, the district purchased a new medic.

In 2009, the district purchased a new engine for Station 1.

In 2011, the district purchased a new rescue-engine for Station 1.

In 2013, the district purchased a new tanker.

  Memorial Names  
Pershing Ramella Ralph Mickley Robert Ridgway
Leroy Martin Harold Lahmon Jack Crow
Burl "Bud" Thompson Paul Edgar Brian Shrimplin
Wava Hammond Forest Frazee Jr. Rolland Gallion
Clarence Mizer Earl Campbell Jake Murdock
Mark Fausnight Dale Hammond Phil Durbin
Martin Thorp Rodney Mickley William "Bill" Miller
Earl Vance Eldon Edminster Mitch Lashley

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